Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 6 Notes

Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 6 Notes

For the benefit of students from all Punjab Boards, we have also provided notes in Urdu for the ninth-grade computer science course. We uploaded 11th class computer science notes for all chapters in this section. You can view the below pdf for all chapter notes for 11th class computer science.

Notes in Urdu for Computer Science in the 11 Class

Students and teachers have been asking for fresh book notes in computer science for months, but they might not be forthcoming anytime soon. The chapter-by-chapter notes for each of these chapters will be uploaded here. In these notes, we’ll try to cover the following topics.

  • Exercise and Additional answered MCQs
  • Practice and additional brief questions and answers
  • Questions and answers in great detail.
  • 11th Grade Exam Papers
  • All topics’ 11th class previous exams are being uploaded here. Visit to get 11th class old exams for Islamiat (obligatory), Urdu, Pak Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Comp Science.

Do you need notes for first-year computer science? You are at the right place if you came to our post looking for computer science study materials. Notes for every chapter in first-year computer science are available here. Notices for Computer Science in the 11th grade have been created in accordance with the examination standards. Three sections make up each chapter.

In this section you will find the class 11 computer science notes for the following chapters.

Chapter 1: Classification of Computers.
Chapter 2: Software Concepts.
Chapter 3: System Software.
Chapter 4: Operating System.
Chapter 5: Utility Software.
Chapter 6: Open Source Concepts.
Chapter 7: Application Software.
Chapter 8: Number System