Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 16 MCQs

Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 16 MCQs

Chemistry Notes for Grade 12 – FSC Part 2 and ICS Part 2 (both parts) are concise question notes for the second year of chemistry. I’ve only provided you with summaries of the chapters here for second-year chemical students. It doesn’t follow that I haven’t provided comprehensive chemical notes for the second year just because I haven’t done so here.

Punjab All Boards Chemistry Notes for the 12th Class

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Notes on Chemistry for Class12

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Notes for second-year chemistry in PDF

  • These notes on second-year chemistry cover both organic and inorganic chemistry in a clear and concise way.
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This page has class 12 chemistry notes for the following chapters.

Chapter 13 – s and p Block Elements
Chapter 14 – d and f Block Elements
Chapter 15 – Organic Compounds
Chapter 16 – Hydrocarbons
Chapter 17 – Alkyl Halides and Amines
Chapter 18 – Alcohol, Phenol and Ether
Chapter 19 – Aldehydes and Ketones
Chapter 20 – Carboxylic Acid and Functional Derivatives
Chapter 21 – Biochemistry
Chapter 22 – Industrial Chemistry
Chapter 23 – Environmental Chemistry
Chapter 24 – Analytical Chemistry