Class 12th Biology Notes Chapter 16 Key Points

Class 12th Biology Notes Chapter 16 Key Points

The branch of science that focuses on the study of life is called biology. It is also the most important subject for students who want to be doctors and help people. Their pre-medical students can achieve their objectives with the help of this platform.

Punjab All Boards Biology Notes for 12th Class

Because it makes up a sizable portion of the medical entrance exam, biology is the subject that pre-med students should pay the most attention to. Therefore, it is essential to prepare as thoroughly as you can; for this, Class notes xyz offers biology notes for class 12 in pdf or online.

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Biology Notes For Class 12

This website’s main objective is to provide second-year students with an extensive set of F.Sc. Part 2 Notes. We try our best to provide F.SC Part 2 Notes Biology on this website, along with online exams, quizzes, and other helpful materials for students. Biology Notes for 12th Class are accessible to all students online.

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Class 12 biology notes of all boards for following chapters. 

Chapter 14 – Respiration
Chapter 15 – Homeostasis
Chapter 16 – Support and Movement
Chapter 17 – Nervous Coordination
Chapter 18 – Chemical Coordination
Chapter 19 – Behaviour
Chapter 20 – Reproduction
Chapter 21 – Development and Ageing
Chapter 22 – Inheritance
Chapter 23 – Chromosome and DNA
Chapter 24 – Evolution
Chapter 25 – Man and his Environment
Chapter 26 – Biotechnology
Chapter 27 – Biology and Human Welfare